Dec 1, 2014

Confronting my laziness head on, or at the very least, gazing at it awkwardly from the couch where I am sitting.

I am up 2 pounds. I fault the pumpkin pie and lack of self control. It is not that I can't have self control in the face of breakfast pie. I simply chose not to, instead preferring hedonism pie binges to my fitness goal.
I brought my work out gear and my water jug. I will rehydrate and walk casually at a slight incline on a treadmill for a finite period of time. I am not going to committ to speed or duration. I am simply going to go and see what happens. And then go again several more days a week before the fitness I gained the last 6 months is gone forever.
But the couch is so comfy. Ugh.

Oct 27, 2014


So I guess it is important to be honest. Something about it being a commandment or a virtue or some such thing. Well then. I have done approximately nothing new towards my training in the last week. I have gone for long walks with a 2 year old who refused to nap unless in the stroller. I have done extraordinary amounts of yard work. I have also, weirdly, been focusing my weekly cross training on my small shoulder muscles. To get a really strong stroke, one must have really strong shoulders. Apparently. I need to google the science of swimming and learn more about how it all works.

I have not changed my nutrition other than not eating fast food. I have eaten all meals at home, even if they were simple things like macaroni and cheese. I figure step 1 is cutting out the Big Macs and step 2 will be tightening up my nutrition at home. Thankfully, my home nutrition is not terrible. We eat mostly organic and nearly every day eat sufficient vegetables and fruits. I am working on keeping my head where it needs to be and that is focused on the long term goal of being in peack condition ( for me anyway) by June 2015. This will take baby steps. And if my first baby step is going for long walks and not eating fries, then I am baby stepping in the very best direction.

My fitbit tells me that I am getting in 12k-15k steps in a day which is great. For me that is about 5 miles of walking a day. I am trying to move more. The nice thing about this is I am motivated to get the little stuff done at home just to keep on moving about. My junk drawers, kitchen cabinets and closets are all starting to look really nice and organized. I am not feeling significantly different health or fitness wise. I am already in decent shape. Not great, but decent. I have a good foundation to keep moving forward.

I have not yet decided at what interval I should be weighing myself for progress. Weekly? Monthly? Had I not strongly committed to losing some fat I would not even care what the scale said.

Well, this has been a boring update. In summarry: I have changed nothing, am not sure when I should weigh myself or what I should eat and have not worked out any more. Fitbit.

Hopefully I will be back soon with a more exciting update. Like I ran 5 miles. Or 2.

Oct 22, 2014


January 2013 was a momentus month for me. I registered for my first triathlon one week after I had my first ever swimming lesson. Smart choice, Sarah. In the same breath I resolved to switch my stroke from "flounderdrown" to Phelps I registered for an extraordinary feat of athleticism that I had absolutely no baseline training or competence to complete. Turns out, after 9 months of training, I was able to finish the Maple Grove Tri in 2 hours and 22 minutes. Womp Womp. I mean, hooray for the finish but Jesus H. Christianson ( praise His glory) 9 months of training and I barely survived.

January 2014 on the first aniversary of my great decision making skills, I signed up for 3 more triathlons. I resolved not to let history repeat itself in terms of barely surviving and dragging my ass across the finish line. I wanted to really compete. To win. Oh, Sarah, how your dreams are way bigger than your capabilities. Spoiler alert: I did not win. I faced a summer of injuries, of fear, of nerves, of an incurable feeling of dread. I barely survived the first swim of the summer. I did finish all three races, culminating in my personal best time of 1:46 at the Maple Grove Tri. As I finished each race faster and stronger than the one before I began to feel this incurable feeling of being on top of the world. Of being a conquistador against my own fear and trepidation.

So why I am giving you a history lesson in the failings/ barely finishings of my brief career as a Triathlete? Because November 2014 registration opens for tri season 2015. And I will be competing in 4 races in 2015. I have decided to chronicle my training and such for the next year as I head towards what I hope to be another amazing summer of racing. I hope that this little diary of sorts will encourage me along the journey and be a nice reflection for me.

I have never been motivated to be better than any one else. I have never been a jealous person or a striver to keep up with Joneses of any kind for any reason. But I do feel motivated to be the best version of myself I can be. I feel an intense pull to push harder through the pain, overcome the doubt, shake off the nerves and swim, bike, run faster than I ever have before. Because I know that I am better than what I have so far accomplished. I am trying to take the energy I devote into my friendships and professional and family life and channel those good vibes towards being a better athlete. The best I can be.

This means I am going to have to lose some fat. I want to caveat that truth by saying I do not have body issues. I like my curves, that I am soft on top of strong. I have made my peace with a body that refused to return to how it looked before I became a mother. The reality of this situation is that I can not be the most competitive, I can not be faster if my body fat is not in the correct ratio to my muscles. These are the laws of aerodynamics. I am making that up, science is not my strong suit.I do aim to explore the scientific aspects of nutrition and strength training over the next year. I will be working with my trainer, a nutritionist, a chiropractor and a triathlon coach through out this journey to ensure I am at all times safe. I am not looking to make a drastic body transformation. There will be no crash diets, I will eat carbs and butter and drink wine. But I do need to understand the optimal way to nourish my body so that I can compete to the very best of my ability because I know I have "better" in me.

Dec 6, 2011

Potato Soup- a Decemberween Miracle!!

It has been nearly a year since sharing my fatty goodness with the world. I give you my Decemberween miracle, Potato Soup. This gift is given in honor of the true reason for the season : Butter.

This meal is stupidly cheap to make. You need about $4. Less if you keep a normal persons pantry and have russet potatoes, heavy cream, milk, celery, butter and an onion on hand. Btw...that is all you need for this recipe. Those exact things in the following quantities.
Potatoes- 6 medium - plain Idaho brown. Don't get fancy.
Celery- 2 stalks
Cream- 1 cup. You could use 1/2 and 1/2, but why?
Butter- 1 stick
Onion- 1 medium. Yellow or white.
Milk- 1.5 cups
Water-1.5 cups

In a big pot on medium heat, melt stick of butter. While the stick turns into a butter bath, peel and finely dice the onion and celery. Yes, peeling celery is an actual thing best done with a veggie peeler. You can skip the celery peeling if that creeps you out too much.
Drop the onions and celery in the butter and let them simmer away for a few minutes- until everything is soft. The smell will smell of sweet buttered onions when they are ready. I don't know how long that is and should time it some day...but trust your nose.
While the onions and celery simmer peel and cube your taters. I like mine in 1/2 inch pieces so they cook faster. Toss the spuds in the pan and coat with butter. Let simmer about a minute so they soak in the butter.
Dump in water, cream and milk. Stir. Simmer on low/ med low for about 30 minutes stirring every few so it doesn't froth over or get burned. Add some salt and pepper to taste. When the taters are tender, enjoy. I started with a cold pan and no veggies ready at 4:45 and by 5:30 the soup was ready so this is a quick dish.

*please note, cream based soups froth pretty hard when a boil sets in so you really need to baby sit it. The reason I give extra attention to this step is because it is the perfect meal if you need a flipping break from chores/ kids/ husbands. You have an excuse to enjoy a glass of wine in the kitchen while you read US Weekly and stir soup. Just like the pilgrim wives did back in the day.

Jan 12, 2011

Loaded Mashed Potatoes- Not for the faint of carb

These are the best mashed potatoes on the planet. The best. If you are able to participate in carbs, enjoy. If you are not, sorry for clogging your reader with food you can't have. again.

Shopping List:
3 lbs of potatoes. Any kind you have. My favorite are red or Yukon.
1 onion - yellow or white. It matters little.
Bacon- at least 4 strips, more if you love flavor and hate your arteries.
Sour cream- about 1/2 cup ( minimum) not low fat/ fat free
Butter- 1 half stick. or so.

1. Dice the potatoes to half inch cubes. I don't peel them unless I use brown russet potatoes.
2. Toss taters in water and boil till they are softer than fork tender. Maybe the right term is squishy?
3. Crisp up the bacon in a fry pan. As crispy as you like it.
4. Chop onion, small dice.
5. After bacon is crispy let bacon set on paper towels to cool.
6. Fry onion till soft in bacon fat.
7. When taters are done, drain in collander.
8. Mash taters roughly.
9. Add in sourcream and butter, mash till creamy.
10. stir in onion and bacon.
11. enjoy.
12. snip fresh chives on top of you like. They are tasty but not necessary.

As a bonus, my bacon vinaigrette recipe.

Take bacon grease and dump into a glass liquid measuring cup.
What ever volume is present add 1/2 in acid ( vinegar of the balsamic variety is a good choice)
Whisk together with some salt and pepper to taste. Toss on salad greens with the veggies you like and pomegranate or mandarin oranges. Or both. Tasty. Salty/ sweet/ crunchy/ Awesome.
You love this right? Right.
your belly.

Dec 30, 2010

Low carb snackin' for my sista's afflicted with type G diabetes

I have this friend, a pregnant one. She can't eat much for carbs right now because she has type G diabetes ( gestational). I thought it would be nice to post a tasty snack that I love that is also low in carbs and high in yum!
This can't really be filed under "Reasons Why I am Fat" because this snack is actually pretty good for you. This can, however, be filed under " Knock Off" because I had something similar at a joint called " Bar Abilene" in Uptown. Mine is better. True story.
This isn't the most inexpensive snack ever but it is so good, it is worth the splurge. And all that good fat in the avocado? So great for a fetus' brain development.
And this is easy!!
With out further ado, Guac and low carb chips.

Buy a bag of "Mission low carb tortilla chips". They exist, are about $3.00 a bag and are really, really good. I can't really figure out what makes them low carb except they seem thinner than a regular tortilla chip. But hey, low carb is low carb.
Buy 4 avocado, Hass avocado- they have a sticker on them that says "Hass" . I swear all other avocados are no good. You want the avocado to be firm but soft. It should have a little give when you squeeze it but NOT be rock hard. If you buy rock hard avocado, give them a few days and they will squish up a bit.
Buy a jar of salsa, whatever heat level you like.
Buy a bulb of garlic. Or the pre-chopped packed in oil garlic in a jar.

Things you should already have on hand:
Worcestershire sauce
Green Tabasco sauce

To prepare:

If you are working with raw cloves of garlic (fresh) peel out 4 cloves of garlic, on low heat in a tbsp. of olive oil, cook the garlic till it is a little brown and very soft. I chop the cloves to a small dice to ensure they mesh well in the guac.
If you are using jarred garlic, open your jar now.

1. Cut each of the avocado in half. Scoop out the pit. The easiest way is to take a spoon, whack the pit hard with the spoon and then pop it out with the spoon. I think whacking it with the spoon loosens it. But maybe I am wrong.
2. scoop the insides of the avocado out and dump them in a bowl.
3. Smash the avocado up in the bowl with a fork, but just to chunk it, not totally mashed.
4. Put about one cup of salsa in a colander and drain off the liquid.
5. Dump the drained salsa into the avocado.
6. Dump the garlic into the mix. If you use jarred garlic then dump about 1 teaspoon worth in.
7. Add a shake or two of Worcestershire sauce.
8. Add a shake or 3 of green Tabasco.
9. Using 2 forks, smash the crap out of the whole mix.
10. Dunk a chip in and enjoy.

This sounds like it takes a lot of energy but really? It doesn't. It costs about$10 including the chips assuming you have to buy everything on the list and you don't already have salsa in your fridge. Really though? Who doesn't have salsa in their fridge. Dunking veggies in the guac is also tasty. Thinly sliced cucumber has a pleasing chip like crunch.
I hope all my girlies with Type G diabetes enjoy a low carb treat. But most importantly, I hope you all feel better real real soon. I am pretty sure your kids will be even cuter because of how you suffer extra for them.

Dec 14, 2010

Reasons Why I am Fat: OREO TRUFFLES

Honestly, we could file Oreo truffles into the SOLE REASON I am a chubette.
So I hate Oreo cookies. Deal with it. I am still an American, I just hate them. Gross.
But when you pulverize a whole package of them to crumbs and add in a block of cream cheese? Well, you get the most delicious treat I have ever tasted. Excluding Mike and Ikes and banana taffy of course. But we all know fake banana flavoring is the best invention ever.
Here is the tastiest recipe ever. Ever. Seriously.

Oreo Truffles
One package regular oreos. No store brands, no double stuff, no low fat. Regular oreos.
One package Philly cream cheese. Or a store brand. But not any thing other than fully loaded.And not whipped either. Just a block of Philly.
Some white chocolate chips. Like a bagful.

Set the Philly out to get soft/ room tempature. You need it soft for mixing, it will not work well cold.
Crush the Oreo cookies to crumbs. Seriously, take some aggression out on them. They need to be pulverized. There are two good ways I have found. One is AWESOME and the other is o.k.
The awesome way: Put a bunch of cookies, about 1/3 the package in at a time, into a food processor. Pulse and chop them till they are crumbed. Dump into large mixing bowl and repeat till all are mashed.
The o.k. way: Stick cookies in Ziploc bag. Crush with rolling pin.

Combine the crushed oreos with the cream cheese. I use my Kitchen Aid mixer and it works great. If you have a mixer you will use, use the paddle attachment. It is the best one for the job. If you do this by hand, well, just make sure it is thoroughly combined.

Roll the Oreo dough into small balls. Maybe 1-2 inches in diameter. Place each ball on a parchment or wax paper lined sheet. This will make about 30 truffles.
Set the tray outside to get cold. Not frozen but definitely firm.

While your balls are firming up,(heh), melt the white chocolate chips. Get a second cookie sheet and a wire rack out, you will want to drip the truffles on the rack after you have coated them in chocolate.
Take each cold ball and dunk it in the melted chocolate. I use two forks to make a basket to transfer each truffle to the wire rack. Let the chocolate harden. Put the truffles in an airtight container. But first eat 7 of them. I know I did.
Share them with people you really love.
Seriously. Delish, and this is coming from a lady who HATES chocolate and oreos.

* I would just like to say that I made mine with a cute little red or green dot on top thinking it would be festive and Christmasy. Nope. I made tiny, truffle, Christmas boobs. Feel free to not decorate them. Or decorate them with a non nipple-esque decoration.