Jan 12, 2011

Loaded Mashed Potatoes- Not for the faint of carb

These are the best mashed potatoes on the planet. The best. If you are able to participate in carbs, enjoy. If you are not, sorry for clogging your reader with food you can't have. again.

Shopping List:
3 lbs of potatoes. Any kind you have. My favorite are red or Yukon.
1 onion - yellow or white. It matters little.
Bacon- at least 4 strips, more if you love flavor and hate your arteries.
Sour cream- about 1/2 cup ( minimum) not low fat/ fat free
Butter- 1 half stick. or so.

1. Dice the potatoes to half inch cubes. I don't peel them unless I use brown russet potatoes.
2. Toss taters in water and boil till they are softer than fork tender. Maybe the right term is squishy?
3. Crisp up the bacon in a fry pan. As crispy as you like it.
4. Chop onion, small dice.
5. After bacon is crispy let bacon set on paper towels to cool.
6. Fry onion till soft in bacon fat.
7. When taters are done, drain in collander.
8. Mash taters roughly.
9. Add in sourcream and butter, mash till creamy.
10. stir in onion and bacon.
11. enjoy.
12. snip fresh chives on top of you like. They are tasty but not necessary.

As a bonus, my bacon vinaigrette recipe.

Take bacon grease and dump into a glass liquid measuring cup.
What ever volume is present add 1/2 in acid ( vinegar of the balsamic variety is a good choice)
Whisk together with some salt and pepper to taste. Toss on salad greens with the veggies you like and pomegranate or mandarin oranges. Or both. Tasty. Salty/ sweet/ crunchy/ Awesome.
You love this right? Right.
your belly.