Dec 1, 2014

Confronting my laziness head on, or at the very least, gazing at it awkwardly from the couch where I am sitting.

I am up 2 pounds. I fault the pumpkin pie and lack of self control. It is not that I can't have self control in the face of breakfast pie. I simply chose not to, instead preferring hedonism pie binges to my fitness goal.
I brought my work out gear and my water jug. I will rehydrate and walk casually at a slight incline on a treadmill for a finite period of time. I am not going to committ to speed or duration. I am simply going to go and see what happens. And then go again several more days a week before the fitness I gained the last 6 months is gone forever.
But the couch is so comfy. Ugh.


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